Course Chapters

Intro to Fishing

Course Curriculum

  • 01
    The Fish
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    • What Makes a Fish a Fish?
    • Eat or Be Eaten!
    • Quick Review of Fish
    • Intro to Fish Identification - Which Fish is Which?
    • Freshwater Fish Identification
    • Saltwater Fish Identification
    • The Blue Marlin
    • Fresh and Salt Water Fish Identification
    • Practice Your New Fish ID Skills!
    • Print and Color Your Own Game Fish!
    • Fun Fish Facts!
  • 02
    The Habitat
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    • Where do Fish Live?
    • Types of Aquatic Habitats
    • The Importance of Plants
    • Why are Habitats Important?
    • Quick Review of Fish Habitat
  • 03
    The Basics
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    • The Angler and the Gear
    • How to Rig a Spincast Combo
    • How to Rig a Spinning Combo
    • How to Choose a Kid's Tackle Box
    • Quick Review of the Gear
    • How to Tie a Clinch Knot
    • How to Tie a Uni Knot
    • How to Tie a Palomar Knot
    • Download IGFA's Fishing Knots Handout to Practice!
    • Natural Baits and How to Rig Them
    • Artificial Baits and How to Rig Them
    • Rigging Baits for Saltwater
    • Quick Review
    • Angling Safety Tips
    • Safe Boating Tips
    • How to Cast a Spincast
    • How to Cast a Spinning
    • Quick Review of Safety and Casting
    • How to Catch a Fish!
  • 04
    The Ethical Angler
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    • Who is an Ethical Angler?
    • What is Conservation?
    • How to Release a Fish Using a De-Hooking Tool
    • How to Release a Fish Properly Without Using a De-Hooking Tool
    • Kick Plastic with Costa Sunglasses
    • Review of Ethical Angling Practices
    • explains the benefits of fishing licenses.
    • Quick Review of Fishing Licenses
  • 05
    The IGFA
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    • Who is the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) and why become part of angling history?
  • 06
    Wrap Up and Keep Learning!
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    • Quick Survey for the IGFA
    • Pass on the Passion
    • Junior Ranger - Let's Go Fishing Activity Book
    • Thank you!

Costa Prize Package

Congrats to Braxton from Okinawa, Japan for winning the IGFA Prize Package!

During IGFA's 80th anniversary year, the IGFA will randomly select lucky students who have completed the Intro to Fishing course to receive a prize package from the IGFA and its partners. Names will remain in the drawing for a chance to win all year! *Parents: make sure to sign up through your child's name for the correct name on the Certificate of Recognition and for the monthly drawing.
Costa Prize Package