Learn to Fish!

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Join the IGFA as we travel around Florida to fish diverse aquatic habitats. In each virtual field trip, you will learn the basics of recreational fishing and about Florida's fish, aquatic habitats, and resource stewardship; including ethical angling practices and ways to protect Florida's aquatic environments. The goal is to provide basic education to new and experienced anglers as well as encourage us all to get back outside in a safe and enjoyable manner!   

Who can Learn to Fish?

  • Individuals

    Anyone can learn to fish! From novice to expert, there is always more to learn about recreational fishing and how to be a good steward to the environment. Even if you are not from Florida, there are still tips and tricks to learn from each field trip.

  • Families

    Parents are strongly encouraged to participate and learn to fish as a family. Recreational fishing is a perfect way to get outdoors and experience nature in a unique way, practice social distancing guidelines, and create lasting memories.

  • Schools/Groups

    With the uncertainty and limited availability of group activities, these virtual field trips offer a resource to education organizations for their students to learn about different habitats and wildlife that are found in Florida's diverse ecosystems.

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